Nuvei is an electronic payment processing company based in Montreal. Nuvei is Canada’s largest private and non-bank payment processor. Nuvei official website: You can also read more about the company and its history on Wikipedia:

Plugin Features

Payment Gateway for Nuvei on Woocommerce allows you to accept payments using the Nuvei payment system.

The plugin is PCI DSS compliant – visit the official Nuvei website to learn more about it. Before implementing this solution on your site, you can try to carry out several test operations (test credit card numbers) using your Nuvei Sandbox account (you can also learn about this on the official website of the payment system).

Installation, activation and settings

Installing and activating the plugin is no different from the standard plugin installation on WordPress:

  • Option 1: Download the plugin from the official website and activate it.
  • Option 2: Download the plugin from the WordPress repository while in your site’s admin panel and then activate it in the “plugins” section.

Now the plugin is ready and working. All that remains for us to do is to link your account in the payment system to the site (registration of an account on the website is mandatory). To do this, follow the instructions in the plugin settings in the WordPress admin panel.

Download plugin

Below you can see a link to download the plugin from the repository. To install via the admin panel (Option 2), simply copy the name of the plugin and enter it in the search box by going to Plugins > Add New > Search.

Payment Gateway for Nuvei on WooCommerce