WheelWidget.com and WheelWidget.pro offer a unique tool to increase conversions on your website – the “Wheel of Fortune” widget. In this article, we will discuss the features of this widget and how to use it on your website.

What is the “Wheel of Fortune” widget?

The “Wheel of Fortune” is an interactive widget that you can add to your website to attract visitors’ attention and increase conversion rates. Visitors can spin the wheel and win various prizes, discounts, or promo codes. In the process, you collect users’ contact information, allowing you to further engage with potential customers and increase sales.

Flexible widget customization

One of the main advantages of the “Wheel of Fortune” widget is its flexible customization. You can fully adapt the widget to your site by changing its design, texts, colors, and fonts. Here are some customization options:

  • Text settings: Set your own texts for the title, subtitle, prize descriptions, and winning messages.
  • Theme selection: Choose a widget theme that matches your site’s style.
  • Color settings: Change the colors of the wheel, texts, and buttons.
  • Font selection: Set the fonts for the title and main text.
  • Contact collection: Choose which contact information to collect – email, phone, both, or none at all.
  • Widget display: Set how the widget will appear on the site – half-screen, full-screen, as a block on the site, or as a pop-up in the center of the screen.
  • Opening triggers: Determine how the widget will open – by clicking a button, clicking the widget, or automatically.
  • Lead processing: Set up where the leads will be sent (CRM, post request, email, Telegram, or WhatsApp).

Control and analytics

All user requests are collected in the administrator console on wheelwidget.com, where you can see the time of prize drop, the prize itself, the user’s contact information, and the city from which the visitor accessed your site. This information allows you to analyze the widget’s effectiveness, adapt it to the specific audience’s needs, and increase conversion rates.

AI integration

The “Wheel of Fortune” widget offers AI integration. AI can help you set up texts for the widget in the desired language and select suitable prizes based on your business. This makes the widget even more appealing to users and increases its effectiveness.

Wheel sector settings

You can also fully customize the wheel sectors by setting the number of sectors, the probability of each prize drop, the maximum number of times a prize can be won, and specifying promo codes. All of this makes the “Wheel of Fortune” widget highly customizable and adaptable to your business.

Registration and pricing

To start using the “Wheel of Fortune” widget, register on wheelwidget.com or wheelwidget.pro. After registration, you will have access to all the settings mentioned above and can fully adapt the widget to your site. The service offers a free trial period to evaluate the widget’s advantages, as well as paid subscription options for additional features and integrations.


The “Wheel of Fortune” widget from WheelWidget.com and WheelWidget.pro is a powerful tool for increasing conversions on your website. With flexible customization, AI integration, and full control over wheel sectors, you can create a unique widget that captures visitors’ attention and collects their contact information. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost sales and expand your customer base with this innovative and customizable widget. Register on wheelwidget.com or wheelwidget.pro and start transforming your website today!